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Developing goals with families

Workers often say that developing goals with families in a collaborative way is a difficult conversation to have. Not because talking about how we hope life might look in the future in the family is a hard topic to discuss, but because articulating what it will look like and what will be different is difficult to articulate clearly. What happens instead of developing clear goals people get sidetracked into actions steps and tasks and case plans become confusing.

Here is a short video I made with my wonderful colleague Sonja Parker on how to develop a goal statement.

This video is about a supervisor and worker doing some slow thinking and preparation about what their desired goals are for the family (so that the children will be safe) before the worker goes out to have a conversation with the family about what they want for the future.

Our next video will be the worker developing a goal with the family in a parallel process. So watch out for that one next!

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